Changing Workspaces in Eclipse


For work I have to do a small presentation on programming for the Android phone.  (See:

Well today, I wanted to make sure all my files were in C:\Users\Public because when I do the presentation I want to do it under a separate user on my computer just so that my coworkers don't see anything personal on my computer. I'm always weary of mixing work and personal stuff so this is to make me feel better about it. Anyway Eclipse doesn't like you just moving stuff, but I did anyway. In my Package Explorer all packages were messed up because I had moved the locations.

To fix:

  1. Right click inside Package Explorer and click "Refresh". It will then say something about not finding the files or whatever, so just delete it (don't check the option for deleting from the hard drive). If you don't see the Refresh option that means that you have a Package selected. To unselect the Package press Ctrl + click.
  2. To import your existing Projects, go to File | Import | General | Existing Projects into Workspace | Next
  3. Select the directory where your new Workspace is and click Browse and press Okay
  4. It will find all the projects in that directory, if it already exists in your Workspace you wont be able to import it (duh!)
  5. Click 'copy projects into workspace' and click Finish
Before I did this, I had to change where it was pointing my Workspace, which isn't as straightforward as it should be.
  1. Go to C:\eclipse\configuration\.settings (or wherever your program file for Eclipse is)
  2. Edit the file org.eclipse.ui.ide: RECENT_WORKSPACES
To move the actual files, I just moved them within Windows Explorer