Setting up Drupal Multisite on Dreamhost

Note: Before starting, make sure you set up databases for all the domains you will be using.

I have the following domains:
Domain1: {site1}
Domain2: {site2}
Domain3: {site3}

  • Set up your main site {site1} like you would normally.
  • Go to your domain and install Drupal on your main domain. I installed it under:
  • Create a directory in the sites/ directory for each of your domains.
    My sites directory (/home/allisonc/{site1}/sites/) looks like this:
  • Copy the /sites/default/default.settings.php file to each of the domain directories in sites and rename it to settings.php
  • Delete the directory in your account directory that Dreamhost created when it created your domain. Do NOT delete {site1} directory


  • While SSH'ed into your account, run the following command (for {site2}, {site3}, etc:
    ln -s /home/{username}/{site1}/ /home/{username}/{site2}
    ln -s /home/{username}/{site1}/ /home/{username}/{site3}
  • Copy non-secure settings
    • Go into the Dreamhost web panel
    • Click the HTTPS settings
    • Check "Copy non-secure settings" and click "Edit https now!"
  • Go to your domains and test