This site includes Projects (School coursework, work projects, independent projects, and freelance work) and my resume. This also serves as a place to post code and other programming-related information that I have found useful.

I also offer professional web development services for individual and small businesses.

Passed the Exam on the 1st try!

A couple of days ago I took for the first time and passed the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam. This was for my current position; however my last day is today. I have found another opportunity that better fits me and will be starting the new position April 12. At this new job I will be doing web development for a company in Watertown. Although I enjoyed helping customers solve their problems, I enjoy programming more and I feel as though this position is better suited for myself.


Deployment Started

My husband was deployed today. This is my first time dealing with a deployment and it is hard. Saying goodbye was very sad. He'll be gone for a year and I'll miss him very much. I plan to wear his dog tags every day until he returns. Please keep him and his unit in your thoughts/prayers and if you're interested in sending him stuff let me know!

Thumbnails Disappearing in Network Folders

I have had the problem of my image thumbnails appearing and then once all of them on screen were loaded they would disappear. This occurred for network folders on Vista.

The solution that worked for me was editing the following registry key, changing the value to 0.



Life Update

I've decided to not only post programming issues/solutions I've come across but also blog a little about what is going on in my life.

This year has been one full of personal accomplishments. Last November I got my drivers license and this May I bought my first car, a 2008 Kia Spectra. After being without a car so long, it's been nice to be able to go wherever I want when I want. However, I have noticed that it's made me a bit lazy. When I didn't have a car I had to walk more. I usually park about 1.5 miles from where I work and there's a shuttle bus that goes between the two. I've started to walk to/from work on some days.

About a month ago (July 26) I got married to the most wonderful man, Michael Christiansen. We had a very low key wedding. He's in the army so we wanted to do the wedding before he deployed. We plan on having a ceremony with family and friends when he gets back from deployment.

I am working at a company called Medical Mavericks. I've been there for about four months now. I do C#/ASP.NET programming. I enjoy working in the medical field.

Specified cast is not valid

When you get this message or the "Specified Cast Exception" when using Linq, the most common reason I have found was that the table in the dbml wasn't updated after updating the table structure.